Monday, March 12, 2012

Attitude Of Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude can certainly increase your aptitude.

If anyone ever tells you that being thankful for the little things in life is a big waste of time just look at them and tell them to shut their big mouth, no I am just playing, but you should never allow anyone to limit your growth and receptivity to increase.

What do you me by growth and receptivity?

Well what I have notice is that the more thankful we are is more our capacity to receive more increase the science behind this could be explained in this way. 

When we are being ungrateful it’s almost like our hands, hearts and minds are clasp shut so there is no space to receive anything else so if someone was handing you some wisdom, knowledge, solution or a hundred dollar bill you just simply couldn’t take it because if you should open your hands to receive anything else your ungratefulness would fall out and you certainly don’t want that do you?

So the opposite is true when you have an attitude of gratitude that thankfulness that you exercise daily expands your ability to receive more, so its like you ask for some water but instead of bringing a little cup you have a ditch that is the size of a pond or a lake and that is how thankfulness increases your capacity for receptivity your mind will always be open to new ideas your heart open for love and your ability to take on new challenges and master them will become much greater.

If you know someone who is constantly ungrateful and they come around you with that attitude do like a banana and split because that stuff is contagious and you certainly don’t want to catch it so remember if you want more be thankful for what you have and if you don’t believe me just try it for 30 full days being consistent and watch what happens.

An attitude of gratitude will surely increase your aptitude.



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